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Oksana Maslovskiy is an artist, a model, and a gorgeous woman. But this woman has a dark side to her, behind all the glitz and glamor she holds dear. She is a serial killer, and is very good at it. She preys on unsuspecting young men, taking them away from society only to cut open their chests to peer at what lays inside. Then one night Oksana meets a young man by the name of Gabriel, and her life changes. You see, Gabriel came back to life after she viciously murdered him. Oksana freaks out, she can't believe her eyes. Then Gabriel tells her the truth, that he is an angel, sent to help her. He offers her a deal, that she can kill him as much as she wants, so long as she doesn't kill anyone else. But what happens when the victim starts enjoying the killing? How far is too far for Oksana, and what could be the breaking point of poor Gabriel?

Carlton Mellick III, grandmaster of the bizarro genre, comes at us with his latest release like, well, a knife to the face. This tale of brutal slayings mixed with horrific sexual encounters puts Carlton right up there with horrors best in this realm. I was quite surprised to realize how brutal Carlton was going to make this journey, and I regret nothing about going along for the ride. I would highly recommend this new novella to the horror genre, as it takes us away from his usual bizarro fare that some in the horror field aren't huge on, and plants you firmly in the arms of a horror tale. I'm going to give this one a B+, and think you should give it a chance, even if his name isn't on your shelf yet.


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