I'm sure you've heard about the Ghostbusters remake or reboot controversy. People getting mad that the 'busters are all female. People getting mad that people are getting mad that the 'busters are all female.

People sure love to be offended, don't they?

I don't care much either way about the case. I love Wiig, and will watch her in anything. Melissa McCarthy, on the other hand, plays her roles way too broadly for my tastes. She showed some depth and restraint in St. Vincent. A little at least. Any step up is a big one for her.

I have a lot of fondness for the old movie, even though I don't think it's a particularly good movie. It brings a great time of my life back, and I recently found a nice 45 of the theme song at thrift shop.

The truth is, I'm still bummed about the death of Harold Ramis. The man was a genius of comedy. I might not think Ghostbusters is a great film, but it was a smart one. It resonated with a hell of a lot of people and is an icon in motion picture history.

I have a funny feeling this reboot will be closer to Ghostbusters 2.

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