I'm recommending a book that was recently announced by Cemetery Dance Publications. It's called Nothing Lasting, by Glen Krisch. Why am I doing this? I have not read the book. In fact, I've read nothing at all by Krisch.

Well, for one, I have interacted with him on the message boards. He seems like a good guy. For another, the plot synopsis sounds interesting.

Mostly I am excited about this book because Cemetery Dance is publishing it. For my book-buying dollar, CD has the best editorial sense of any horror/dark fantasy press out there.

And there's another reason...

I've heard some complaints about CD here and there over the last few years. Some get irritated that Cemetery Dance does so many high end Stephen King books. They also do a lot of pricey reprints of bestselling authors.

Me, I can't criticize. These books obviously do well for CD, and any company that does not know which side of the bread needs to be buttered won't be in business for long. Most of the stuff I am referring to is either too expensive or simply not to my tastes. I really don't need to own extremely expensive and extravagant books.

People have said that CD needs to showcase more new writers. I've argued that horror readers can find that stuff in the magazine, and in some of the anthologies.

But now here is a new book by a newer author. One I think a lot of readers may not be familiar with. It's a deluxe limited edition, with the usual bells and whistles.

So you can party like it's 1999 and buy a CD edition by a writer who is not yet one of the usual suspects. And unlike a lot of limiteds these days, Nothing Lasting still has the old forty dollar price tag. That might seem to be a lot of money for a book to some people, but those of us who have a grasp of what it takes to produce one of these things knows that it is a pretty straight deal.

And, yes, I've put my own money where my mouth is and I've preordered Nothing Lasting for myself. Best of all, this book is already at the printer and will see publication soon.

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