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Rupert wanted to break things off with his girlfriend. They fought all the time, and it wasn't the relationship he imagined. First though, he figures he'll take one last romp with her and her family (which includes many gorgeous women) as he is invited to sail on a yacht with them. He figures why not, one last hurrah. That is until they become stranded on an island when their yacht mysteriously explodes on the water, killing one of the men on board, husband to one of his girlfriends' sisters. Two of the other men swim out and salvage what they can, not knowing how long they'll need to survive at this desolate location. They hope it won't be too long until someone finds them.

At least they thought the location was desolate. The next morning Rupert finds one of the men hung up in a tree, having been dead for hours. Nobody remembers hearing anything or anyone coming into their little waterside camp. They search the surrounding area, but with no luck finding any clues as to who or what could be hiding out in the woods.

Very quickly though, more and more events strike the group that sheds light on who is targeting them and why. They make plans to capture those involved, but nothing is ever as it seems on their island, and anyone could turn into a foe at the turn of a hat.

In Island by the prolific writer Richard Laymon, a castaway story evolves quickly into murder, backstabbing, shocking moments, and a strong need for survival. This is not the first time I've read this novel, and definitely won't be the last. A quick read considering it is 500 pages, it will stick with you all the way to the end and leave you severely hating more than one of the characters. Very well done, this receives an A+ from me.

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Review by Kyle Lybeck

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