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There is a misconception that Janz is a new writer. He isn't. He already has 9 novels under his belt, plus multiple novellas. Despite the high quality of these stories (I've read most of them), I suspect there are some big horror readers out there that haven't given him a chance yet. He has already written one of the greatest horror novels of recent memory, Children of the Dark, so I'm not sure what else he has to do to get everyone's attention. Well...

Maybe this double-stack of Exorcist Road and its sequel Exorcist Falls from Sinister Grin Press will do the trick.

I don't like doing plot summaries in my reviews. You can always get a better one from amazon, or from the back of the book itself, so why would you want one from me? All you need to know is 1: They're both exorcism stories (in case you didn't gather that from the titles) and 2: They're both VERY good. Janz's Laymon-esque writing style is in full force here as evidenced by his economy of words and internal dialogue/character motivation sequences. This leads to a lean, fast paced, and compulsively readable narrative.

These are easily two of Janz's strongest works, conveniently collected together in one volume.

Grade: A

Review by Jason Cavallaro

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