I used to be a big reader of genre magazines, but the internet changed that a lot. Plus, I had been around the game a long time, and I no longer thirsted for information on horror movies. I read a hell of a lot of it over the years, and it's hard not to become jaded.

I was excited about the return of Fangoria. Unfortunately I am not the doe-eyed innocent I was in the mid-1980's. The new Fango is well done, but a lot of it is written by hip young people who weren't around back when the celebrated movies were released. It isn't easy to be enthusiastic about reading copy from people who have less knowledge and experience in that subject matter as I have.

I sporadically read Filmfax back in the 80's and 90's. I liked it, but not as much as the mags that focused on current productions. Filmfax celebrates the history of the genre.

I find my interests rearing back more to earlier days, when filmmaking was tougher and more costly. I'm fascinated by the classic movies of old.

I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday and I was looking at the magazines. There are a few on the shelf (oddly, not Fangoria), but the one that caught my eye was Filmfax. I bought the new issue.

I read through it yesterday as I enjoyed a lazy holiday weekend. It has a look back at good old Zacharle, that was written by a friend of his. There is the first part of an inteview with Herschell Gordon Lewis. A talk with Janet Leigh's body double from Psycho. A look at futuristic car designs from the 50's. I especially enjoyed an article by outsider artist Drew Friedman. Other cool stuff too, including a two-page ad from Sinister Cinema. God, I loved ordering from them way back before DVD and the days when everyone had practically everything at their spoiled little fingertips.

I will maintain my Fangoria sub, and I hope the coverage gets better. Especially the horror fiction dept. But I'm going to subscribe to Filmfax, and I am happier about that than I am about the return of my once-favorite horror magazine.

Written by Mark Sieber



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