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In the blink of an eye, your life can change. One moment your son is alive, the next moment no longer with this world. Marshall could have never imagined he would have been one to have this fall upon him. But there, on the screen, he could see plain as day his son on a railing at the mall on the security camera footage, then plunging to his death below. The question is, did Noah actually jump?

Within the belly of a teddy bear holds a devastating secret. One that Noah kept to himself, away from his family. A world online that he thought was safe, but could have ultimately been his downfall. As Marshall tries to understand this latest revelation, his world is again turned upside-down in trying to find a reason, an understanding, and a conclusion to what happened to his son.

This was the first novel I had read from Aaron Dries. For the majority, I like the style of writing, pacing, characters, and flow. There were some parts of the middle of the book though that to me got a little off-kilter and took away from the bulk of the story. A different route maybe than what I was expecting so it didn't enthrall me as much anymore? Kind of hard to explain, but I guess you could say it just lost me for a bit there. Overall I'd give it a B- based on how I felt about those parts, but not a bad book by any means, and others may have a different experience than I in reading it.

Review by Kyle Lybeck



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