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Grindhouse Press is probably the most prolific publishing house that I've ever encountered. It seems that every few weeks or so, there is an announcement for a new book dropping. Despite this speedy publishing schedule, they seem to release quite a few high quality pieces: KILL FOR SATAN! and DEAD STRIPPER STORAGE by Bryan Smith, FULL BRUTAL by Kristopher Triana, and RITUALISTIC HUMAN SACRIFICE by C.V. Hunt, to name a few.

KINFOLK by Mr. Kurtz was on my radar, and Matt was kind enough to send a review copy.

The story starts off strong, and in extreme fashion, with an Edward Lee-esque opening passage. So...I put my seatbelt on, expecting a bumpy ride. Well, I wouldn't need my seatbelt for a few more pages. The protagonists here are two criminals, with a revenge story woven in. I will admit that the relationship between the two brothers fell a little flat for me. I think that Kurtz drew the characters ok; I just wasn't emotionally invested in them. As a result of this, I didn't get hooked into the story until the blood soaked and creepy final act, where Matt really flexes his writing muscles. That's when I needed TWO seatbelts.

There are some occasional flashes of extreme horror brilliance here, but the lack of a sympathetic protagonist kept the story at arm's length for me.

Grade: C

Review by Jason Cavallaro
Twitter: @pinheadspawn



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