Cavallaro's Cavalcade of Carnage
I seem to be having my annual November sinus infection, so lets jump right into what I read this month, shall we?

Ten books read:
1: Limbs by Tim Meyer **B** My first Meyer read. Quirky, fun story
2: Black Star Constellations by Tim Meyer **B** Solid collection
3: Cricket Hunters by Jeremy Hepler **B** Not quite as good as The Boulevard Monster, but a quality coming-of-age story
4: Primal Terra by Tim Meyer **C** I liked Limbs more
5: How to Stop Time by Matt Haig **B** Very good. Instant Haig fan
6: Carnivorous Lunar Activities by Max Booth III **B** Jeff Strand-ish story. Very good
7: Halloween Fiend by CV Hunt **B** The more I think about it, the more I think it's my fave from her so far
8: Dirty Rotten Hippies by Bryan Smith **B** Collection. Consistent quality in here
9: A Voice So Soft by Patrick Lacey **D** Good idea, bad pacing
10: Wytches (vol 1) by Scott Snyder (graphic novel) **B** Not quite as masterful as Severed, but Snyder obviously has a knack for creating great horror comics

WORST OF THE MONTH: A Voice So Soft by Patrick Lacey

I've also read Where Stars Won't Shine, which I thought was better than this one. The book starts off well, but the second act just takes too long to transpire. Good ending too, but not enough of a payoff to legitimize the wait

BEST OF THE MONTH: How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

This isn't a time travel book per se, but it sort of feels like one. With this being said, I have no problem with putting it up there with all of my favorite time travel stories: Bid Time Return by Matheson, The Memory Tree by Little, and Replay by Grimwood (amongst others). The book is littered with poignant thoughts on the nature of memory, love, and the essence of time. Haig manages to craft a story that is both emotionally moving AND exceptionally clever. This is not an easy feat, as most books of this type do one or the other. Do yourself a favor and read this one.

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