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Note to readers: this is the sequel to Strangers. While this could be read as a standalone, there are items that could be missed if the first book isn't read, that would make this novel less enjoyable. For more information on the first book, see my review here:,-by-Michaelbrent-Collings.html

Fire and Water. Life and Death. All is Legion.

As a teacher of sorts, Legion must find his way through life, creating possibilities to further his goal. He wants to help, he was born to revive others into his way of thinking, otherwise they will be lost, some at his own hand. This time though, he finds himself wrapped up in a world that he wasn't anticipating, one of a brutal nature that he may not even be able to escape, or to turn over a new leaf for. Legion must fight, not only for himself, but for the souls of others, or he will lose forever.

In this sequel to Strangers, Michaelbrent brings us quickly back into the fray of Legion and his whereabouts. Not long after the book starts, it engulfs the reader into Legion's next foray into enlightenment and doesn't let up. At times, I can see it being a little tough to keep up with so many gears going at once, but overall the flow is nice and the characters bleed onto the page. Just like the first book, I would also give this page-turner an A, and thank Michaelbrent for allowing me to review it.

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Written by Kyle Lybeck

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