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In the heart of the African savannah, an adventure of a lifetime awaits. One where the animals roam free, and those can come to bask in its amazing wonders. Evie hopes that the trip will let her go of the past and give hope for the future. What she doesn't factor in are the others joining her on the trip, and what they may also harbor. Nor does she expect the glorious sights to become ones that would cause disastrous revelations in her life.

Evie and others must now fight for their lives amidst the bloodthirsty creatures of all kinds that attempt to end them. In the vastness of the savannah, the only trouble is finding others to save you.

In the latest novel from Michaelbrent Collings, human survival is tested to its furthest limits, and only those strongest can even imagine what can be on the other side. While I found this novel to be slower in nature than the previous works I have read from Michaelbrent, it packs just as much punch throughout. A well written, dark and emotional read, I give this an A- and I'd like to thank him for letting me read an early copy.



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