Cavallaro's Cavalcade of Carnage
Another new-to-me author's book delivered to me by Silver Shamrock Publishing, who seem to be very busy this year.

It's almost October (or IS, by the time you read this), so let me not waste your time. I know that you want to go look at black cat decorations, sniff pumpkin spice candles, and re-watch Hocus Pocus.


Look, there is some good stuff in here. Soucy does the difficult part well: characters. All three sisters in the story are interesting and I was fully invested in them, for a short time.


-My interest in the characters eroded around the halfway point. Not sure why.
-The characters' planning/preparation for the final showdown in the third act takes waaaay too long.
-There is a double villain situation, which doesn't always work.

Out on October 12, if you're interested

Grade: C

Review by Jason Cavallaro

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